Welcome to Southern Swimming Academy

We take pleasure in introducing our Instructor / Head Coach : Lizza Danila Lee - OLY. Lizza Danila has formulated and implemented her own style of teaching swimming since 2009 in her hometown in Philippines.

Her method was a compilation of what she learned from her previous coaches from United States, Australia and Philippines and off course her travels to other countries during her swimming competitions as a competitor.

Its foundation was on strict discipline, hard work with emphasis on stroke mechanics. But it was her passion for the sport that was her biggest advantage as a teacher.

our classes

Creating PROFESSIONALS is our ULTIMATE GOAL. Southern Swimming Academy has been in the forefront in developing the BEGINNER into a PROFESSIONAL SWIMMER

FRIDAYS : Learn to Swim

  • Every Fridays :
  • 04.00pm-05.00pm AND 05.00pm-06.00pm

SATURDAYS : Learn to Swim

  • Every Saturdays :
  • 03.30pm-04.30pm AND 04.30pm-05.30pm

ELITE Swimming Club

  • Mondays to Fridays :

  • 04.00pm-06.00pm

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Southern Swimming Academy trives to produce the best swimmers in Malaysia

Coach Marie has been a strenght to our kids swimming life. she is one of the best i should say

Vincent Chong

Southern Swimming Academy has that cutting edge training skills in making the swimmer complete

Mohd Rizal

I'm impressed with the coaching quality

Sivakumar Sriram